Atoll – sauna, spa, swimming baths and recreation centre in Tirol

Fun for the whole family in Atoll Achensee

Opened spring 2018: a few minutes drive and you can explore the new attraction at Achensee. Approx. 40.000 sqm of recreational facilities, pools and saunas.

6500 sqm of water fun is guaranteed for young and old. As well as a lake sauna there are further indoor sauns and an indoor pool – and plenty of space for relaxation and rejuvenation in Atoll. If you are hungry after swimming, sauna, working out in the fitness centre or climbing gym, food and beverage is available.

The Atoll at Achensee is a recreation magnet for the whole family! >>



Apart  Garni Montana
Family Birgit Rieser
A-6213 Pertisau
Kirchstraße 15

Tirol - Österreich
Tel: +43 5243 5932

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